Holy Crap, I’ve Died and Gone to Heaven… err, Maldives!

Island View 2What can I say about the Maldives? It’s far as hell, it’s expensive, and it’s remote, but it. is. freakin’. GORGEOUS!

When a friend invited me to join him for part of his recent around-the-world adventure, I looked at the calendar and found a few periods where I could sneak away and work remotely while jetting off to a few of the places where he happened to be on those dates to meet him and experience some exotic newness. One week that happened to work for me was when he was going to be in the Maldives and Sri Lanka. I’ve always wanted to go to those places and figured I would at some point in my life, but why the hell not now when the opportunity is presenting itself, I thought.

Although I certainly wanted to check these two countries off of my bucket list (my bucket list happens to include every country in the world, but I’ve never been one for parsimony when it comes to travel), but I couldn’t help but wonder for most people whether it was worth it to travel half-way around the world or farther just to get your tropical on. I mean, just a few inches from the U.S. we have the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, neither of which we need a passport or a jumbo-jet for, and the Bahamas too. And the rest of the Caribbean is right in our backyard. Could it really be worth the long-haul journey to vacay in the Maldives?

In sum, OMG yes! The place was stunningly gorgeous, the journey wasn’t that bad (ok I was in Emirates first class, so hate me a little and then take that last comment with a grain of caviar), and the experiences there were simply amazing. I’m not convinced the Maldives is just a copy of the Caribbean or South Pacific islands, and I think it’s unique enough that it’s worth a visit all on its own. Also, it’s cool as hell. I mean, it just sounds exotic. And how many other people do you know who vacation in the Maldives?

I will say, though, that I’d recommend visiting in conjunction with a visit to another destination in the region to get the most out of the journey over there. My friend Dave and I also went to Sri Lanka in the same long week. I’ll write more on that later, but consider visiting Sri Lanka or India or stopping over in Dubai or somewhere else for a few days too while you’re over there. It’ll make for quite the contrast, and quite the trip!

I’ll write more about this trip shortly, but I had to start off with this musing on the basic wisdom of the destination itself. So while you’re waiting on more, check out all this sexiness below and start planning your own Maldivian vacation. And let me know when you do. I want to go back!

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