This is SO Not Cool

deltatagshashtagI’ve met some nice domestic American flight attendants before. No, not American Airlines flight attendants; American as in Estadounidense – the adjective (we have it rough in the U.S. of A. with our adjetivo nacional). But more often than not I’ve found American stewards and stewardesses to be far below the quality of the nice, sweet, service-oriented international airline on-board staff.

But even for Delta, this is a new low: Double-Amputee Marine ‘Humiliated,’ Cries From Poor Treatment On Delta Flight.

And I can totally see it now… the tone-deaf corporate PR ferries will naturally poop out some uncreative, default line like “our passengers are our #1 priority” and “we respect all of our passengers and have the utmost respect for our nation’s veterans” and “we have the highest standards for our employees” and blah blah blah. They always do. But the fact is that the stock corporate PR lines are always what’s supposed to happen, not what often does and clearly not what DID happen here, it seems.

Delta later put out a lame statement saying exactly what I predicted they would say, but what the viewers will be most interested in is the update (and there will be updates, Delta) on what they actually did about this incident. For now, all of PinFaceStagramBler and the rest of the internet is hoping that Lady Justice bitch slaps whoever the troll was who treated this vet like that.